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I have to share my wonderful experiences from the 2012 Art Unraveled Mixed Media Retreat!  Each year, this event is held in my own back yard during the month of August (although I am still at a loss as to why anyone would want to visit Phoenix in August)!  I was fortunate enough to take 3 wonderful classes, one from the fabulous Susan Lenart Kazmer titled Silversmithing:  Rings, Relics, and Prongs, and two from Deryn Mentock titled:  Resin Paper Wire Forms and also The Alchemy of Objects.  This is such a wonderful event, and every year I meet some wonderful people and connect with friends from previous years.  I learn so much from the talented instructors and I leave with a renewed sense of passion for my jewelry making!  I highly recommend attending one of these retreats as there are a wide variety of classes and interests for you to choose from, and it helps you to form a sense of community with others that you meet. Deryn Mentock teaches classes across the country, and her blog is   This is a photo of what I made in her class, The Alchemy of Objects: 

In her class Resin Paper Wire Forms, this is a photo of my finished piece:

The interesting thing about the above necklace is that when making Resin Paper Wire Forms, you use Ice Resin which is a jeweler's grade non-toxic resin  created by Susan Lenart Kazmer.   I took some old paper and glued it to some steel wire that I flattened with a hammer, and painted the resin over it.  The resin cures after 6 to 8 hours, and is totally hardened and ready to wear after about 24 hours.  The are many other uses for it, including as a "glue", or it can be poured into a bezel and it dries completely clear and once hardened!  It's a fabulous product, and you should check out the website link above for more information on the product!