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Don't you just love the look of stamped metal in jewelry that is so popular right now?  You can stamp any word or phrase onto sheet metal, and it's a lot of fun to hammer the many alphabets and design stamps to get the look you want.  Design stamps come in almost any shape and size, and they are made from steel so they are very sturdy.  One thing that I have found is that stamping on metal takes practice and it can be frustrating!  I have made a lot of mistakes, but if you are patient you will see the beautiful result.  When hammering the stamp, I use a heavy duty hammer like a Ball Peen Hammer, or a 1 lb. Brass Head Mallet.  I personally prefer the Ball Peen as it seems to give me more control.    Metal stamps come in many different fonts, and in various sizes of fonts.  They come in sets, so you get the entire alphabet or sets of numbers to work with.  There are also many shapes and symbols that are available such as hearts, stars, or flowers to name just a few.

One of my favorite new stamp sets is the Uppercase Monogram font.  The set that I have measures 6 mm or 1/4 inch. It is one of the largest font sets I have found, and it is wonderful for stamping  individual initials!  I chose this particular font because it is very classy yet simple, and I believe that one of the best things about stamped jewelry is that it can be personalized.  After all, who doesn't love wearing an elegant looking piece, hand-stamped, with their initial on it? Here are some pictures of my finished products.

The initial charms come on a silver or copper disc, and once stamped with the initial they are dipped into a patina to highlight and darken the indentations in the metal.   I also add a small rhinestone for a glamorous touch!  These necklaces are available here on my website, or in my Etsy shop.