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Blog-hop with Stampendous, Imagine Crafts, and ICE Resin

May 1, 2014



Welcome to the Imagine Crafts®/Tsukineko®, Stampendous Stamps, and ICE Resin® blog hop! I am so happy to be part of this fantastic event. Thanks to Stampendous, Imagine Crafts and Tsukineko as well as ICE Resin for the opportunity!

I chose to make a two-sided piece of Art Jewelry for this project, and I used the Stampendous Charmed Art Clear Stamp Set. SSC1193_Charmed_Art_PKG_800

I used StazOn Ink in Jet Black, which can be used in so many projects. It comes in an array of colors and is easy to work with and the results are fantastic!

Staz On

ICE Resin is my favorite resin. It is a non-toxic, jeweler’s grade resin that dries crystal clear, and it’s uses are endless! If you have never used it, you really must try it. You will be amazed at the results!


Step 1: I decided to make my own bezel using 14 gauge Bronze Wire, which I hammered to flatten and then used the torch to anneal the wire. This makes it easy to bend and form into the desired shape. I used an old remnant of scrapbook paper, and chose the “dress form stamp” along with the word “Create” from the Stampendous Charmed Art stamps shown below. I added some wings from a dead moth I found in my back yard!

2014-05-01 16.58

For the other side of the necklace, I used a piece of Vintage Sheet Music, and chose the Stampendous stamp “Artist Brushes” along with the words. Since the bezel was 2 sided, I coated each side with ICE Resin, which I mixed according to Manufacturer’s directions and allowed to dry for the required time.

Step 2: I used one of the small hearts from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Art Mechanique Silhouettes collection (which are also included in the prize package below), as well as some scraps of paper from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Art Mechanique Essentials collection, and glued it to the heart and covered it in a thin layer of ICE Resin. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the heart so that I could hang the next piece from it.

Step 3: I used one of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Art Mechanique White Bronze Staple Bezels,and again chose paper from the Art Mechanique Essentials package. I then stamped the words “make art” and used the sewing machine stamp from the Stampendous Charmed Art stamps on the side with the photograph. For the other side, I used a doctor’s prescription pad and used the sewing pattern stamp and the words “follow your art”.

Step 4: I used 22 gauge Bronze wire by wire wrapping to connect the three pieces, and then I used 22 gauge Steel Wire to make the chain and clasp. I then added various beads to complete the chain.


Please be sure to click on the links listed below to visit all of the blogs taking part! Here is the list of the blog hop participants:

May 1 – Thursday
Jennifer Dove
Rhea Weigand
ICE Resin
Misty Grosse
Tatiana Allen
Linda Lucas
John Creighton Petersen

May 2 – Friday
Jennifer Dove
Kristine Reynolds
Imagine Crafts
Sharon Morrison
Cathy Andronicou
ICE Resin
Jen Cushman
Polly Hendrickson

May 3 – Saturday
Asia King
Debbie Cole
ICE Resin
Jamie Dougherty
Imagine Crafts
Maureen Cronin

May 4 – Sunday
Kristine Reynolds
Lea Kimmel
ICE Resin
Candy Rosenberg
Carol La Valley
Naghma Husain
Baerbel Born


How to Hop:

Each day we’ll post the designers participating in the Blog Hop. Click on each one and check out their project. Leave a comment on their blog that lets them know you really looked at their project. We ‘ll draw three blogs at random from the four days, then randomly draw one commenter from each blog. You must have a U.S. mailing address to win, but we’d love for everyone to hop and comment! You can check out the Official Rules for all our contests if you have questions.

***Blog Hop Hint – if you click on a link that takes you to a page saying something like, “Sorry this page cannot be found,” just click on the header at the top of the blog (usually a picture, or the blog’s name), and it will take you to that blog’s most recent post. That post *should* be our hop. If not, you can probably scroll down a short way to find the hop post.


We know you’ll want to try this yourself, and to make that easy we’re offering a nice prize package this week! Three lucky winners will receive a package with:

• 2 – Stampendous Perfectly Clear Stamp™ sets with designs sized for jewelry or small project making

• 2 – StazOn™ permanent ink pads by Tsukineko® courtesy of Imagine Crafts® – yummy Ganache and the must-have Jet Black

• 1 – 30ml package of ICE Resin Jeweler’s Grade Self-Doming resin

• 1 – pkg Suzan Lenart Kazmer Art Mechanique Silhouettes in Heart Shape

• 1 – pkg Kristen Robinson Rue Romatique bezel(s) (styles vary). WOW!! You’ll be crafting some awesome jewelry in no time!

Want the chance to be one of 3 random winners of a prize package by ICE Resin, Stampendous and StazOn? Just comment on on the posts. Winners will be announced soon!


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