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I’ve been Published!

Aug 11, 2015


Green Craft MagI am thrilled and honored to share the news that one of my pieces of jewelry has been published in the Autumn 2015 issue of Stampington & Company’s Green Craft Magazine! The necklace is called “Nostalgic Romance Necklace” and is made from a Vintage drawer pull or cabinet knob.  I submitted this piece to the magazine in February, and just received the news that it had been chosen as one of the Gallery pieces for the Autumn issue.  This is so exciting for me, as it is the first piece that I have submitted to a magazine!

If you are interested in making a similar piece, I have the directions, materials and inspiration listed below:

I found this Vintage Drawer Pull and Chandelier Crystal at an Antique Store near my home, and decided that together they would make a lovely necklace. I loved that the drawer pull has such romantic qualities, with the graceful swirls and ornate curves. I have always loved crystals, and especially that this one once hung from a rather ornate Chandelier. It seemed perfect to use as an elegant dangle from my necklace!
Vintage Drawer Pull or Cabinet Knob
Vintage Chandelier Crystal
Various Beads, Crystals, and Rhondelles
Bronze Chain and Jump Rings
Bronze Wire, in 18, 20 and 22 gauge
Chain and Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters, 4 Ott Steel Wool (#0000) and Hammer
1) Using the steel wool, scrub the drawer pull so restore shine (if you like).
2) Attach a jump ring to the open space near the flower. Using the 22 gauge wire, wire wrap 2 small beads and then a rhondelle, followed by a crystal bead, rhondelle and two more small beads and attach to the chain on the top and on the bottom. Repeat step #2 for the opposite side of the necklace, and thread the chain through the jump ring.
3) Using the 20 gauge wire, wire wrap the Chandelier Crystal. For the dangle, make a loop large enough to hang from the metal bar on the drawer pull, and wire wrap a bead, small rhondelle, another bead, another small rhondelle, and a last bead and attach to the wire loop on the crystal.
4) Wrap equal amounts of bronze wire around the metal bar where the dangle will hang, making sure the dangle hangs in the center.
5) Make a clasp from the 18 gauge wire, using the wire wrapping technique. As you are making both parts of the clasp, attach each piece to one side of the chain. Once the clasp is attached, hammer slightly to flatten and give the clasp a finished look.

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