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Resin Paper Wire Forms

Feb 20, 2015


I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching the Resin Paper Wire Forms Workshop on Friday, February 27, 2015 at Rusty Saturday in Phoenix, AZ.  019013 (2)004055The workshop will be from 11-2, and the cost is $65.  You can sign up here!  This is a great workshop using ICE RESIN®, and  if you haven’t worked with this product before, this is a perfect time to try it out.  It’s versatile, and a Jeweler’s Grade Resin created by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

Students will make several charms of different shapes and sizes using the wire-wrapping technique.  We will add beads and embellishments, and paper of all kinds.  The charms can then be used in jewelry pieces, Necklaces, Bracelets, or Earrings or in Mixed Media projects like Journals and Book Marks.
Please Bring:
Beads, Glitter or other charms you’d like to include in your project.  Chain and Round Nose pliers, if you have them.  A Hammer with a Bench Block and a Towel.  Also, if you have clothes pins, we will use them for keeping our projects upright for the drive home.

-Paper: Old letters, sheet music, book pages and other papers work well. Paper loves the ICE Resin, as it soaks quickly into the paper fibers. Once the ICE Resin is applied, the paper will be less flexible than it was. You can add surface treatments like Stamping, Additional Colors, Glitter, Paint or Ink to your paper, but you should complete this step before you pour the ICE Resin. Many papers work well for this project, but Color Photocopies or Laser Printed with dry ink copies should be sealed first with a Gel Medium or Collage Pauge. You can also use a light spray of Krylon Medium (I use Krylon Matte Medium), which can be found in the Spray Paint department.

*Tissue Paper is especially beautiful in this project, as the result is transparent!